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FATcomp updates, planned updating activities, new versions and outlook on future development

First Release - 2017

This was the premiere release of FATcomp, the first early access version 0.1.0.

We were still relatively early in development of all the functionality and features that we liked FATcomp to have. However, the software was already providing useful functionality for engineers and businesses, students and schools. We appreciated early feedback on our product. Thus, we decided to put FATcomp out for an early access release. Early access users are supporting and directing the best development of FATcomp.

The features included were:

Planned upcoming features 2017/2018

Bug fixes

Collecting information from users and fixing bugs is routine work. Normally there will be a new minor version released every time bugs have been fixed.

Planned new features

Our aim is to release a certain number of new features and functionality soon, such as:

Future Development Outlook

We have a vision in making FATcomp a very complete tool for fatigue structure development, manufacturing and evaluation of the durability. Apart from the design evaluation feature already available, this includes the following major features: