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FATcomp in action

Easy-to-use tool for Fatigue Design

Fatigue accounts for more than 90 % of construction failures. Our mission is to reduce the number of fatigue failures and increase the durability of fatigue loaded structures.

Seasoned experts will have a streamlined experience working with their projects. Newcomers and mechanical engineering students will have a great learning experience with our video tutorials and educations.

Companies usually have different solutions for Fatigue Design computations. Often several tools are used internally. With FATcomp your company will have your fatigue computations in one place.

Fatigue formulas

Complements deeper FEM analysis

Empirical data together with proven mathematical methods always should be considered. At the end of the day, testing, field measurements and practical results are undeniably telling a big part of the truth.

Preferably you would not use our tool in lieu of – but instead as a complement to – complicated numerical analysis such as FEM.

Fatigue formulas
FATcomp provides functionality for drawing and editing S-N curves

Manage your Fatigue Design projects

Design all the critical points in your structure by choosing the structural item that matches the real-life counterpart.

Input your fatigue parameters, check the design criterion and let the program calculate the output for you. Find the best solution by doing several iterations and comparing the durability of each case.

By doing this you collect all your structural details in your own fatigue knowledge database. This documents your experience and gives you a structural capital for your business.

Never has fatigue design been this simple!

Recommended minimum system requirements:

Operating System Windows 10/8/7 (32- or 64-bit)
CPU Processor at 1 GHz
Memory 4 GB of RAM
Hard Drive 10 MB of free space
Screen resolution 1366x768 pixels
Dependencies Latest Java release. If you do not have Java installed click here

Program license(s) and download links are provided with your purchase.